We are a community of designers, writers, entrepreneurs, illustrators, researchers, and more.
Our shared values and beliefs influence the work that we do, and the impact we hope to achieve.

Catherine Robertson

Catherine is a writer extraordinaire, the author of four novels (all of which have been #1 bestsellers in New Zealand). She also freelances for various magazines and newspapers, often chats about all sorts of things on the wireless, and attends/ chairs/ co-ordinates as many book events as she possibly can.

She lives beside the sea in Wellington, with her husband, two sons, two rescue dogs, and a pair of adorable kittens. See Catherine's website here.

Callum Robertson

Callum is all kinds of talented at everything creative – illustration, design, writing – you name it he can do it. He can often be found writing and illustrating comics and graphic novels, most of which you can check out on his website along with a selection of his other creations.

On his blog he writes candidly about his creative process, and the challenges of comic development.

Hillary Smith

Hillary is one of those millennials - full of creativity, drive, and a desire to challenge the status quo. She is a University of Otago graduate, where she majored in marketing and minored in design. At Eleven she brings her design thinking to life; digging deeper to discover what humans truly value, and then building the best strategy to deliver it. Hillary also looks after the human that we work with, keeping everyone challenged, inspired and on the same page.

Hillary likes to make t-shirts and draw and paint in her spare time.


Brent Backhouse

Brent is our superstar designer and production lead. He plays an essential role in developing Eleven’s creative ideas, bringing them to to life and making them look fantastic. He possesses the rare ability to move easily between high level design, production and advertising layout; things that often involve a high level of image manipulation and accuracy.

Brent also rides bikes in his spare time.

Paul Forrest

Paul is self-taught visual artist, environmentalist and educator based in Wellington. He plants 500 trees a year, likes killing rats, and tours New Zealand with 'The Halo Project' using visual art and sound to promote his passion for all things bird - "If our native birdlife is healthy then the land is healthy". As an educator he is infectiously enthusiastic and sees creativity as a cornerstone for learning and living sustainably.

Visit Paul's website paulforrest.co.nz to view his artwork.

Charlotte Dawson

Charlotte is an avid puzzle solver. She loves pulling things to pieces to see how they work and putting them back together again in slightly different arrangements. She studied at Victoria University of Wellington, where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, with a minor in English Literature. At Eleven she draws on both these skills get to the heart of customer engagement and find creative solutions to unexpected problems.

She is also an enthusiastic knitter, crocheter and body marbling artist. Check out some of her work at bodymarblingnz.com

Sally Fisher

Sally has a crush on words. Her office walls are plastered in them, her bookshelves hold volumes of them and she is happiest when working with them. She loves being presented with research and strategy, insights and musings, then molding them into stories and messages that strike a chord and create a response. She has a crush on other things as well, but now is not the time.

Finn Robertson

Finn likes figuring out what makes groups of people tick. He is a graduate from Victoria University of Wellington, where he studied sociology and criminology – looking at the way societies work together to make humans the way they are.

He has a mind for people, and brings his empathetic, critical thinking to Eleven’s Hardwired insight process and developing customer strategy.

In his spare time he volunteers at a few different organisations – teaching future youth workers, and helping develop compassionate criminal justice policy.

Olivia Hay

Having searched out creativity most of her life, Olivia genuinely loves seeing great strategy spark creative magic – so she’s in the right place!

Olivia studied marketing and management at the University of Otago, seeing the ability marketing had to bring all forms of creativity together – and that continues to inspire her. She hunts out insights, collaborates with clients and our team here, to create and deliver outstanding work – that works.

When she’s not doing all that, Olivia runs marathons (granted not obviously creative), sings her heart out and loves exploring our beautiful country with friends.

Martyn Phillips

In a world of constant change one thing that seems to be overlooked is common sense. Martyn believes that stripping back problems and opportunities to their fundamentals and applying a common-sense approach is way more successful. He’s lived this too, having been highly successful CEO, both in New Zealand and globally.

Living in Auckland means Martyn can also focus a little more on a number of fitness goals, some of which defy common sense!


Emerson Taylor

Emerson enjoys sifting through information to extract stories that will excite and inspire clients. He can think of no greater activity than sitting down with someone and discovering what motivates them.

He studied public policy and commercial law at Victoria University of Wellington, as part of a Bachelor of Commerce.

When not at Eleven, Emerson is either learning to skateboard or recovering from skateboarding.