Understanding what people feel lets us predict how they will act.


Hardwired looks at the psychology of the people that matter to a business. A persons emotional wants and needs are hardwired in and shape what they truly value.

Hardwired uncovers what is truly insight and unearths ah-ha moments of rare clarity. Which leads to customer strategy designed to resonate with customers and staff that will move the dial on impact and growth. Simple. Not guessing, not making assumptions. Actually, incontrovertibly, knowing.

“The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions.”

Donald B. Calne, Neurologist.

When it comes to connecting to people today, you are either right on or completely off. Emotional resonance is like the difference between FM and AM radio.

AM is a broad connection. It is fuzzy, unclear, difficult to understand and easy to ignore.

FM is a laser like connection. It needs to be perfectly on frequency to work but when it is it has amazing depth, quality, resonance and engagement.

Hardwired enable us to know what emotions we need to resonate with.

Eleven knows what creative communication solutions will resonate with individuals in each part of the organisation during change.

The right emotionally resonate communication delivered at the right time delivers engaged inspired people who are ready and able to make a real difference to their organisation.