What do your customers truly value?


and Beer.


increase in cumulative gross betting revenue for new customers versus 8% of control group.

Every assumption you have about your customers gets busted overnight.


The TAB is New Zealand’s only betting agency. It has an enormous amount of customer data, what they bet on, how much, when, what products etc, etc.

But the TAB was making assumptions about what its customers saw as relevant and valuable. Their assumptions ranged from - it’s customers loved betting, they were largely the same sort of people who had similar attitudes, they were all loyal racing bettors and if there were sports betting customers they would eventually abandon sports betting and embrace race betting.

Another dangerous assumption was if New Zealanders bet on the Melbourne Cup once a year they would quickly become bona fide racing bettors. Like the other assumptions this was false.

The TAB customer landscape.

Actual TAB customer landscape.

How TAB perceived their customer landscape.

TAB’s customers were aging and declining in numbers. And whilst the TAB was able to acquire new, younger customers it struggled to retain them for any length of time.

On top of that betting was now digitally enabled and TAB’s competitors were now global betting websites.

We set out to find what TAB’s customers and its potential customers truly valued.

We uncovered the true nature of TAB’s customer landscape, who was a TAB customer and who was not.

TAB’s customers were vastly different from one another in attitude, wants, needs and behaviour.

Cracking the
emotional code
of TAB customers.

We found that betting was an enabler for what customers truly valued. What they valued came down to two things:

1. Customers valued mastering their knowledge of their sport, who would win, who wouldn’t, the form of the horse or team, the skill of the players and jockeys, the conditions and how it would impact the race or game etc. Betting and winning was simply the measure of this mastery.

2. Customers also valued the competition. They loved the excitement of the race, the game and the battle. Betting enabled them to get very close to the action and the sport they loved.

TAB ‘Sportster’ Digital communications, delivering betting, product education, betting responsibility, messages, TAB sponsorship of local sports, betting prompts and a betting mentor.

Understanding why New Zealander’s were TAB customers - what motivated them and what didn’t.

mates - and they love to be deeply involved in the competition.

To acquire customers and grow TAB had to become relevant and valuable to New Zealand sports fans at a sports knowledge, social banter and competition level. Betting then became the enabler of what it means to be a New Zealand sports fan rather than the focal point.

TAB had to move its customer engagement away from betting, $$’s and odds. TAB’s customer strategy had to based on the mastery of racing and sport – and the excitement of the competition or contest. This is what resonated with existing and potential customers.

This insight showed TAB the true size of its customer opportunity. New Zealand is a nation of sports fans who love to master their sporting knowledge and challenge their

59% more customers activated

231% increase in cumlative number of bets placed

82.5% greater turnover per customer

150% greater average gross betting revenue per customer

50% increase in customer retention

483% more cumulative gross betting revenue for new customers.


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